Specialty Generator Applications

Welcome to our Specialty Division with our Kubota powered line up! This is for all of the business that are in need of single or 3 phase power systems and large output generators. These units are solid mounted onto chassis and can power all kinds of equipment. These units are perfectly suited to be in larger bus/ motorcoach chassis that need large power for portable medical equipment. Mamo machines, blood donation buses, etc... If you have very specific power output concerns, have high power demands, and need a portable solution for your business look no further. 

The Ace Advantage

We are a full service, factory trained Kubota Dealership.

This means dealer support 24/7 and full dealer warranty's with these units.

We are a full service heavy duty diesel repair shop.

This means that not only is your power source in great hands your chassis is as well. We provide top to bottom service for our customers and that means making sure the chassis is taken care of as well!

We offer mobil repair and service in all aspects of our repair business!

This means if you have an emergency on site, or need the unit repaired or service on the weekends or after hours we have the solution for you. This is not limited to the power source either. We offer this for the chassis as well!

Long story short we are your one stop shop for your maintenance and repair demands. 

It is our mission to provide complete care and service for our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to all of your repair and maintenance needs!