GL Series Generators

Welcome to our portable generator section. These GL series are perfect for sessional usage to everyday use. The GL series generators are powered by a multitude of Kubota diesel engines to provide a solution for all of your power needs. If you are looking for a power solution for your next food truck, or needing a solution to power your next tailgate or camping trip we have the solution for you with these GL Series Generators! Look below for a GL brochure, price point list, and a usage calculator. 

7000 Series

Meet the smallest and most compact GL Series we have to offer! GL-7000US. These units are powered by a 2 cylinder Kubota Z-Series Diesel engine. They offer 7.0 Kw of standby power in a 120/240 single phase platform. These Generators are perfect for limited space and maximum portability. Pair them with the roll cart and even your kids can help move these little powerhouses around! 

120/240v single phase

7.0Kw standby power/ 6.5Kw Prime output

Quieter than a vacuum cleaner/ 66.00 Db. Rated gen.

Lowest fuel consumption rate of GL Series! .69 Gal/per. hr.

1100 Series

Meet the 7000 Series Big brother. This powerhouse boast a full 11 Kw of standby power in a case not even 1 ft larger than the 7000 series. For these units you step up to a larger D series 3 cylinder engine. These 1100 Series units can also be transported with a hand cart or can be solid mounted just like the 7000 series Generators! If you are looking to power a food truck, construction trailer, or have larger power demands this is the unit for you. Extremely portable with power to spair.

120/240v Single phase

11.0Kw Standby power/ 10.0Kw Prime Power

Still quieter than a vacuum cleaner/ 68 Dba. Rating!

7.0 hrs. Run time at 100% Load!!