Emergency Power
At The Ready

Diesel Powered Emergency Home Generator

With our new generator division we are now able to offer another excellent product for the homeowner! We are now able to sale, service, and install standby generators for our homeowners in WNC! These are offered in 4 versions. 20Kw and 40Kw power and both power ratings are offered in an enclosed and open version. In short, these stand by generators were built to keep your power on when it matters the most!

Standard Features

Compliant w/ EPA emergency ICE standards

Kubota Diesel Engine power and reliability

On board battery and cables w/ every unit for worry free startup!

Heavy duty design for dependable performance and extremely long life in harsh conditions

NON CORROSIVE Aluminum door construction

Coolant heater for reliable cold weather startup!

Extremely quiet operation and muffler. 

Full service Dealership support and installations!

What Matters The Most!

These units are built and designed to be your family's life line in an emergency situation. They are tested at the highest level so that you can depend on them when you most need them! They are built, with those in mind, that do not have access to propane or natural gas fuels at their home, which gives you the added level of security a standby generator offers, and means that home location is no longer an issue! We are currently working with highly qualified contractors, electricians, and installers in general to offer you complete coverage and care of these units because your family's safety is paramount to you and to us!