It is our goal to provide a complete and well rounded repair facility to benefit all vehicle owners in and traveling threw Western North Carolina! It is our passion to get you moving and keep you moving as efficiently as possible. We are here to provide comfort in a scary situation, information during a confusing time, and peace of mind while your vehicle is in our care. 

The Ace Advantage

We have built and designed our company around the high demands of our customers. From our emergency roadside repairs to our in shop maintenance. We are a versatile diesel repair facility that is here for our customer and there ever changing needs. It is our goal and mission to make sure that there is nothing in your fleet that we cannot handle in house. From simple vehicle services and FMCSA inspections to emission/aftertreatment based diagnostics and major engine work! We have a large network of dealer access and aftermarket parts suppliers at the ready to make sure that we have a steady supply of parts and support that is needed to help keep you moving!